Next, we will talk about the main advantages of adding search engine marketing “SEM” to our marketing mix strategy:

Searching on Google, Yahoo or Bing is one of the most popular media. If your audience is on the Internet, they are frequently using searches to find what they want.

Critical data on the use of search engines.

Search engines deliver results to an active and objective audience

The SEM connects potential customers directly with your company, making it a handy way of marketing. It triumphs over other traditional media because of its high effectiveness.

Lower costs

The search offers a lower cost per customer acquisition. The SEM allows companies to measure the return on investment and thus work correctly to achieve and maximize profitability. It is more economical regarding acquisition costs than through other means of advertising.

Investment in search engine marketing

In 2004, companies invested more than 3,000 million dollars in advertising in the search engines as well as hundreds of millions more in other complementary actions SEM and SEO.

User numbers

Search engines are the online method most used by consumers to start their research on a product to buy it, 41% according to the company DoubleClick. 81% of Internet users find the websites they are looking for through search engines.

Targeting and attitude

The great benefit is that companies through search engine marketing get very targeted customers extracted even from very narrow market segments (niche markets) and also offer a user that we can call “active” for their attitude towards the product or service. We have, therefore, that we obtain a potential objective and active client because the consumer is actively looking for the specific product or service.