Weighty Reasons To Do SEM

In summary, here you will find 7 SEM benefits that you can obtain by including search engine marketing in your online marketing plan:

It is the primary way that users use to find web pages

Numerous studies have shown that search engines and directories are the most popular method used to see web pages. More than 80% of Internet users use search engines and directories as their preferred method for locating web pages.

Large Volume: Millions of searches daily

More than 300 million daily searches are carried out through search engines and directories. Only in Google in the year 2002, there were more than 55 billion searches daily. The exponential growth of the Web means that there are now billions of web pages and, consequently, this has increased the reliance on search engines as the way to locate web page.

Qualified traffic willing to buy

Search engines offer highly skilled transportation since users are actively looking for information. This is the main difference with the truck obtained from banner campaigns.

They are much more efficient than banners

Purchases resulting from traffic coming from search engines exceed by 5 or 6 times the proportion of those obtained as a result of banner advertising. The cost of online marketing campaigns using search engines is significantly lower than that of banner ads. Online marketing in search engines is very efficient and profitable.

Marketing managers know it

Taking into account the previous points, it is not surprising that 66% of marketing departments that make internet marketing use search engines as the leading online tool to get traffic to their websites. In second place is marketing by email or email-marketing with 54%.

Opportunities that arise due to the inactivity of the competition

46% of companies invest less than 0.5% of their marketing budgets in SEO and SEM. Only 10% surpass more than 25% of their marketing budgets to increase their visibility on the Internet. It is a proven fact that the significant benefits of search engine marketing are recognized, but only a small percentage of companies dedicate a part of their marketing budget to marketing strategies in search engines.